The stars have aligned to tell you what kind of zines you need to checkout this month.


Comic zine

Aries, you are the baby of the zodiac. A true child at heart and a passionate energy, you need something that’s going to do everything: entertain, challenge, and bring some nostalgic vibes back into your life. You’re fiery and youthful, you need something zippy and fun, you need to read a comic zine! It doesn’t matter what the content is, as long as it nurtures your inner child. 

Check out:

Vermicomics by Summer Kim


The World Ends with a Poot by Sarah Maloney


Food zines

Okay, I get that the stereotype for Taureans is that they love food. But some stereotypes are based on a smidgen of truth, and this is one of them! Taurus, you need to read some food zines. When you’re not chowing down on the yummiest piece of pizza or cooking a lavish dinner for your loved one, you are reading about food. What better way than through a food zine? Learn new recipes, read about different cultures, and even partake in a fictional story about food. The limit does not exist.

Check out:

Good Recipes for Bad Times Volume 1 (Egg Edition) by Fake School Collective



Mercurial Geminis are constantly yearning for knowledge. Not only that, but they probably already know everything. For these know-it-alls, infozines are ideal. They have everything: from recipes to random facts about the ocean, whatever stimulation your brain desires, there is an infozine for that.

Check out:

Little Book of Bunny Facts by Kylah H



Cancers are ruled by the moon, which rules over the tides. They are sensitive souls who are in touch with the ebb and flow of life and emotions. Perzines are best for the intuitive crab. These empaths crave that personal touch. A zine about a personal triumph or navigating the harsh realities of this world would tickle Cancer’s fancies. Bonus points if it makes them cry (most things will).

Check out:

On Texas Zine by Diddlymarsh


When My Troubles Began by Magpie Zines



The lion needs to lead! Leos thrive in group settings where they can collaborate and lead people towards a common goal. Groups/collab zines are the ideal for these bossy Leos. Although reading one probably won’t be as fun as making one - halfway through their first group zine they will band together their zinester friends just to prove they can make an even better one!



Another sign ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgos will devour litzines! Mercury rules communication and writing, and what better way to satiate the intellectual Virgo than with a tiny book? Something with big words and poetic prose would be your ideal zine.

Check out:

Odd Ball Trilogy Litzine by Emily Fay Fin



Now Libra’s, we all know you love aesthetics. You are the purple Furby of the zodiac (shh… don’t tell Leo). You need a zine that’s going to please your eyes. You need beauty and you’re not afraid to admit that! Outer appearance matters to you and that’s okay! You need to indulge in an artzine. Beautiful artwork, textured pages, and unique storytelling will not only peak your cerebral side but also fill your heart with joy from all the types of beauty it holds.

Check out:

Femme Art Review - Issue 1


Bad (at Art) Girls by Becca Connor


DIY Zine

Scorpios, we know you like being alone. You have very little patience for other people’s shenanigans. You know that if you want something done right, you do it yourself. This is why DIY zines are perfect for you. You will probably read one zine right after this and then make 10 yourself. Don’t even read a zine, just go and make one. You’re probably rolling your eyes at this anyway. Darklords.

Check out:

How to Make a Mini-Zine by Chloe Henderson


My History of Cassettes by Crow and Moon Press

(a perzine with a "how to" twist)


Music Zines

The fiery Sagittarius is anything but boring. You’re the ones out on a Tuesday night dancing to a local punk band until 2 am. You know everything that’s going on in the local scene and attend every event and party. Sagittarians need to read music zines (if they’re not already writing them). Someone needs to know the ins and outs of the independent music scene! Where else will you get information about upcoming shows and albums?

Check out:

All Ages Show by Counter Clock-Wise



Okay, I know this was also given to the Geminis, but hear me out. This Earth sign is ruled by Saturn, the planet of work. They need information and stability! They need rules and structure! Capricorns will naturally gravitate towards the infozine. Except, unlike the goofy Geminis, it will probably be something more practical. Probably an infozine you’d find in schools or workshops; something that gives you information you can use in your everyday life.


Political Zine

Aquarians are known for being activists. If you Google activists and leaders, you will be hit with a slew of famous Aquarians. You hate injustice more than the average person. You are dedicated to learning and unlearning, using your voice and privilege for good, and fighting the man until the end of time. It only makes sense that you should read political zines. Go ahead and find the most left, radical political zine you can get your hands on. Maybe learn about an injustice you had never heard of. Start a protest. It all begins with a zine.

Check outL

Bad Apples by Kara Khan



Pisceans have their heads in the clouds. Their imagination is always running wild and in addition to that, they are an emotional water sign. Emotional attachment and imagination are the perfect recipe for creating - and reading - fanzines. Pisces, have you ever watched a show and became so attached to the characters you wanted to live in the world itself? Go read a fanzine and immerse yourself with people who love to world-build like you, judgment-free. Something not based in reality would be best - like space, mystical fantasy lands, and superheroes. 

Check out:

Rating Keanu Reeves Films Based on How Gender He Looks in Them by Cevincy


Digimon Fanzine by Alyse Nicholson