Issue 97

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Issue 97

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Issue 97: The Horror Issue


The twisting of bone. The teasing of muscle tissue. Gretchen Felker-Martin, the author responsible for Manhunt, the new visceral, queer post-apocalyptic horror novel getting under people's skin, finds reprieve from dysphoria in films from David Cronenberg or John Carpenter’s The Thing. Relief in the sight of flesh in its most fluid, unrestrictive state. How could we resist putting her on the cover of our horror issue?

Get howling, gore hounds. This one's for you. In our Fall Issue, we explore horror in its bloodiest bits. How horror became a basecamp for queer creators and a rallying cry for underground artists. How, more than any other genre, it celebrates its newcomers and outsiders, elevating the strange, audacious and hackneyed as much as its revered canon. On top of our profile of Gretchen Felker-Martin, this issue includes:

  • A history of horror zines from John Szpunar
  • The trip that led Corinne Halbert to create the Acid Nun
  • How zero-budget special effects became the foundation of horror movies
  • Artist Trevor Henderson, a real-life Richard Pickman, tells us about his cat named Boo
  • A sneak peek at Psycho Goreman's new cosmic comic book misadventures
  • How to make your own DIY tarot deck with Liz Worth
  • A glance at the horror bookshops around the world
  • How Bridget Moser's uncanny horrors drove the internet mad
  • An interview with Tear author Erica McKeen on turning Derrida's theory of hauntology into her own gothic tale
  • A shocking new theory on the Zodiac Killer's identity as... A ZINESTER?!?!
  • Want to see something really scary? Parker Higgins looks at the legal situation facing the Internet Archive