Issue 99.5

Broken Pencil

Issue 99.5

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Issue 99.5: Fun & Games

Hark, adventurer! Do you seek glory and riches? Do you seek excitement and suspense? Do you have paper and a pencil?

You are the last people I need to tell about the potential of the page, but with the explosion of indie tabletop games the barrier between a rainy day and a strange, imaginative grand journey is paper-thin. In the summer issue of Broken Pencil, we guide you beyond mere Dungeons & Dragons to the greater realms of the indie tabletop scene.

In our main feature, we meet Jeeyon Shim, a game maker who channels nature and memory into her design sensibilities. Crafting contemplative, journaling games to carry with you beyond a table session. On top of this profile, Issue 99.5 includes:

  • Introducing Broken Pencil's first game! Get a sneak peak at our upcoming Twine collection, created by a hand-picked crew of zinesters.
  • How a teenaged zinester named Satoshi Tajiri went on to create the most popular game of all time: Pokémon.
  • Maxwell Lander teaches us how to make our own strange tabletop RPG.
  • How former dancer Exotic Cancer channeled her experience into a new strip club-inspired board game.
  • Our own guide to new and upcoming indie tabletop games.
  • How the SAD Fair puts accessibility at the forefront of zine fests.
  • Troll author Logan Macnair tells us about message board menaces.
  • Lonesome Bill Walker honours Pee-wee through puppetry.