The Lost Expert

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The Lost Expert

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The latest novel by acclaimed writer Hal Niedzviecki!

"Niedzviecky's combination of so many disparate elements: farce, historical drama, real and invented film history, political and social history, along with his ability to meld all this with genuinely moving and sympathetic portrayals of complex characters is nothing short of masterful. I lost sleep staying up to read to the end." -- Acclaimed novelist Leo Mckay Jr.

When Chris, an unambitious young waiter, walks through the park on his way home from work, he stumbles onto the set of a Hollywood film — and is promptly mistaken for the missing lead actor. Corralled into filming a scene for The Lost Expert — director Bryant Reed’s last-ditch effort to restore his reputation — Chris assumes the identity of international action star Thomson Holmes, and disconnects from his real life. He falls deeply into his newfound identity as Holmes and as his character in the film, a struggling young man who has the ability to find lost people and things.Tensions mount as Chris gradually learns of the real Thomson Holmes’ scandals and accusations of sexual misconduct. Meanwhile, the real Thomson Holmes has disappeared and Chris has reason to fear he’ll be next. As he tries to figure out what happened to the actor, he grapples with his role as imposter and whether he can — or even should — extricate himself from reinvention.